Best Tech Stories around the web #391

Water tech


Promising innovations for pollution-free water by

Water is a vital resource, but it is increasingly threatened by pollution. In the UK, industrial, agricultural, and urban activities are the main causes of this contamination, negatively impacting the environment and human health.

Fortunately, innovative solutions are being developed to combat water pollution. The Ofwat Innovation Fund recently awarded 17 promising projects, several of which aim to manage better and prevent sludge-related pollution.

One such project, led by Yorkshire Water, uses an advanced thermal conversion gasification process to convert sewage sludge into useful products such as biochar, vitrified ash stones, and a hydrogen-rich synthesis gas. The high-temperature process also destroys contaminants such as microplastics and indestructible chemicals, reducing the risk of water pollution.

Other innovative projects aim to educate the public and promote green infrastructure to reduce and counteract water pollution.

Thanks to these technological advances and growing awareness, a pollution-free future for our water is within reach.

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