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Hundreds of Dead Stars Discovered Pulsing Gamma Rays in Massive Sky Survey by

A space telescope scanning the skies for gamma rays has added hundreds of new powerful dead stars to its catalog.

The addition of 294 previously unidentified stars means that the Fermi catalog of gamma-ray pulsars now contains more than 340 objects – a significant step up since the Fermi Large Area Telescope started observing in 2008, when there were fewer than 10 known such pulsars.

The newly released Third Fermi Large Area Telescope Catalog of Gamma-Ray Pulsars is a real treasure trove of information that will help us understand these enigmatic objects.


"Pulsars touch on a wide range of astrophysics research, from cosmic rays and stellar evolution to the search for gravitational waves and dark matter," says astrophysicist David Smith of the Bordeaux Astrophysics Laboratory, which is part of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

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