Best Tech Stories around the web #374

Mathematics Moebius


World First: New AI system discovers supernova without human help by

For the first time, artificial intelligence (AI) has searched for, detected, confirmed, classified, and announced a supernova discovery without any human intervention. Read more



A math puzzle that has plagued scientists for almost 50 years has finally been solved. At the heart of the mystery was the question of how small a Möbius strip — a one-sided object that can be made by attaching two ends of a rectangular strip together with a half-twist — can get without intersecting itself.  Read more
Mathematics Moebius



Ever wondered what the Parthenon in Athens looked like back in its heyday?

Visitors to the Acropolis – armed with a smartphone – can now take a peek into the past, pinching and zooming their way around the ancient Greek site, with a digital overlay showing how it once looked, as far back as the 5th century BC. Read more

Augmented reality

Creative Content

Coin flips aren't actually 50-50, scientists find by

All bets are off, because it turns out that flipping a coin isn't actually a fair fifty-fifty chance. Read more