Best Tech Stories around the web #347

SpaceX Starship static test


SpaceX Test Fires 31 Engines on the Most Powerful Rocket Ever by

The ignition of the Super Heavy booster may set up an uncrewed orbital flight test next month of Starship, the company’s prototype spacecraft. Read more

SpaceX Starship static test


Can space dust slow global warming? by

Scientists believe dust launched from the moon could reduce solar radiation enough to lessen the impact of climate change. Intercepting a fraction of the sun’s energy before it reaches Earth may be enough to reverse the planet’s rising temperatures, say scientists who are looking at dust as a potential shield. Read more

moondust against climate change


Hermès Wins MetaBirkins Lawsuit; Jurors Not Convinced NFTs Are Art by

The verdict means First Amendment protections did not apply to a digital project blurring the line between art and business. Read more

Hermes lawsuit NFT


Man's cancer caused "uncontrollable" Irish accent, doctors say by

In a truly bizarre case, doctors have documented for the first time a man who appears to have developed a random Irish accent after getting prostate cancer — a disease that eventually killed him. Read more

Judge using AI to sentence


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