At the heart of the EDIH Bretagne consortium

EDIH Bretagne

Alongside players such as Bretagne Développement Innovation and Images et Réseaux, we are part of the EDIH Bretagne consortium. This initiative enables Breton companies to meet the challenges of digital technology while becoming more competitive.

Launched in 2016 by the European Commission, the "Digitising European Industry" initiative aims to support SMEs in adopting digital technologies. In this context, EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) counters develop across Europe. Located at the regional level, they provide innovation services, advice on financing, training, and skills development.

EDIH Bretagne, founded in 2022, aims to be a key player in the digitization of Brittany. How ? By offering Breton companies financial assistance for technology purchases. With its network of partners, EDIH offers expertise in high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, infrastructure and networks, and photonics.

Offers in cybersecurity, image transfer, and 3D tracking.

Present within the consortium of experts of EDIH Bretagne, we present a catalog of offers on various products based on several of our expertise:

  • b<>com *Serenity*: Enhance your cybersecurity with a multi-factor authentication using device fingerprinting.
  • b<>com [Rest DICOM Library]: Medical image transfer serving healthcare facilities and medical devices.
  • b<>com *Tag*: Digital watermarking solution to authenticate video content and prevent its propagation.
  • Time series analysis expertise: Expertise on a predictive time series analysis solution, updated and available for real-time consultation.
  • b<>com [3D Localization]: Real-time 3D tracking technology using RGB-D cameras to perform real-time 3D tracking of rigid objects, all without markers.
  • Natural language processing expertise: Automatic annotation of documents according to a predefined ontology, with content normalization and large-scale analysis.


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