The manufacturer Acome opts for b<>com *Dome*, alongside operator Alsatis

b-com Acome Alsatis

Chosen by French manufacturer Acome, which specializes in the production of high-tech cables, the b<>com *Dome* 5G network core will be deployed and operated by network operator Alsatis on a major industrial site.

The private 5G network b<>com *Dome* for industrial use

This sovereign private 5G solution b<>com *Dome* will be integrated in the coming months on the multi-plant site of the manufacturer based in Romagny, Normandy. Its uses will mainly concern logistics (monitoring stock movements, autonomous shuttles, validating loads, etc.), productivity (reducing waste, real-time data feedback, etc.) and safety (detecting dangerous situations).

The technology provided by b<>com offers a concrete answer to the performance, throughput and low latency challenges of this site through advanced digitization and secure connectivity.

*Dome* will allow Acome to benefit from all the advantages of a private 5G solution with an architecture designed by the operator Alsatis, which allows for data security in the entirely private context of an industrial site.

This first collaboration between Acome, Alsatis and b<>com demonstrates the expectations and needs that come with the deployment of private 5G in a business setting. By giving rise to a large-scale industrial project, our solution has shown its competitiveness as well as our ability to provide robust solutions to integrators.

Nicolas Dallery

Marketing & Sales Director at b<>com

ACOME has chosen the *Dome* 5G core network solution for use in the private 5G network of its multi-plant industrial site in Normandy. Designed by the French Institute of Research and Technology b<>com, *Dome* is based on technological bricks that guarantee the solution’s sovereignty and is geared toward IT businesses, which will facilitate its adoption and integration. For Acome, this is a great opportunity to deploy a sovereign, innovative, secure, low-carbon private 5G infrastructure.

Antoine Brossault

ACOME's 5G platform project manager

While private 5G represents a real driver of competitiveness for our French economy, integrating the b<>com core network into our high-quality networks is a new way to ensure sovereignty that will boost the industry of the future and all its innovative practices.

Anaïs Verderi

Sales Director at Alsatis