Best Tech Stories around the web #330



UK startup unveils solar trees for commercial, industrial areas by

SolarBotanic Trees will begin offering its solar trees in early 2023. The systems will use monocrystalline cells with an efficiency of up to 24%, encapsulated in a 3D shape. Read more

solar trees


Remarkably Detailed Images of the Sun Mark 'New Era of Solar Physics' by

The Inouye Solar Telescope celebrates its inauguration with some eye-searing views of the sun. Read more

new image sun


Chinese Researchers Test Cars That Hover Over Road Using Magnets by

Chinese researchers at Southwest Jiaotong University have tested modified cars capable of magnetically levitating almost an inch and a half off of the ground over a stretch of specially modified highway. Read more

Maglev car


Flooded with AI-generated images, some art communities ban them completely by

Smaller art communities are banning image synthesis amid a wider art ethics debate. Read more

Art created by AI


Meet Tang Yu, the world's first humanoid robot CEO by

She will be overseeing operations worth nearly $10 billion. In a scene lifted straight out of a science fiction movie, a Chinese metaverse corporation has become the first to appoint a robot as its CEO. Read more