Best Tech Stories around the web #331

Susie ArianeGroup


Have you met SUSIE? by

During Day 1 of IAC in Paris, ArianeGroup execs unveiled the Smart Upper Stage for Innovative Exploration spacecraft concept…SUSIE, for short.  Read more

Susie ArianeGroup


Lost moon may have spawned Saturn’s rings by

A moon shredded by the planet’s gravity 160 million years ago could help explain its rings and odd tilt. Read more

Saturn Rings


Here’s a Look Inside New York’s New Immersive Gustav Klimt Attraction by

The Hall des Lumières has opened in New York with 'Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion.' Read more

Atelier des Lumières


The two-wheeled commute: Micromobility and your future by

Scooter skeptic? Think again. Micromobility is gaining favor with consumers worldwide—and may fast become a mainstay of urban transportation. Listen

McKinsey micromobility


Big Data & AI Paris 2022 by

With more than 350 presentations, 250 companies exhibiting and 15,000 participants, Big Data & AI Paris offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest market trends and network with all data and artificial intelligence professionals in France. Read more

Big Data & AI Paris