Best Tech Stories around the web #327

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Vuzix m400 smart glasses begin use case in japan for ambulance emergency medical care by

Vuzix Corporation, a leading supplier of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality technology, today announced that its M400 smart glasses are currently being trialed in Japan for an emergency medical care plan with the objective of providing early treatment. Read more

Virtual Reality


China unveils new 'sky train' that runs on magnetic tracks, power-free by

China has recently launched the world’s first Maglev ‘Sky Train’ transport system that runs power-free thanks to permanent magnetic tracks that keep the carriages suspended indefinitely in mid-air, gliding smoothly and silently. Read more


Artificial intelligence model can detect Parkinson’s from breathing patterns by

An MIT-developed device with the appearance of a Wi-Fi router uses a neural network to discern the presence and severity of one of the fastest-growing neurological diseases in the world. Read more

Artificial intelligence


Sonos’ next flagship speaker will play sound in nearly all directions by

After spending 2022 focused on midrange products like the Ray and the rollout of its own voice service, Sonos is about to shift its attention back to upscale devices. Read more

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Manchester City is making a smart scarf by

The sports world has generally embraced wearable technology with open arms — though it’s usually for the athletes themselves. However, English soccer club Manchester City is hoping to keep track of its fans’ biometrics, too. Read more

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