Best Tech Stories around the web #326

matelas de sommeil


World's first 'sand battery' can store heat at 500C for months at a time. Could it work in Australia? by

The idea of storing heat in sand to warm homes through winter may, on the face of it, seem too simple to work. Drop a load of cheap builder's sand in an insulated silo, heat the sand with renewable electricity, and then tap the stored thermal energy for months on end. Read more


Airbus A330 MRTT becomes first tanker certified for automatic aerial refueling by

Called the Automatic Air-to-Air Refueling (A3R) capability, it aims to reduce the role of the air refueling operator (ARO) to monitoring the operation rather than carrying it out. Read more


A nasa scientist and a programmer have made music from ocean reading by

A NASA scientist and his programmer brother have created an online program that combines ocean colour and sediment data with musical notes. Read more


This smart mattress puts you in a deep sleep by

What’s the secret to a good night’s sleep? According to researchers from the University of Texas at Austinthe answer to this question is a mattress high tech. Read more