Best Tech Stories around the web #325



The algorithm that predicts crimes with a success of 90% by

Science fiction has always been a hotbed of ideas ahead of their time that, in many cases, have become reality decades later. According to what has been seen in recent times, that predictive capacity is going to hit the nail on the head again. Read more

algorithme crime


Abacus electric tram proposal repurposes disused railways by

The next finalists in Dezeen's Future Mobility Competition powered by Arrival are Lea Haats, Erik Mantz-Hansen and Konstantin Wolf, who have proposed a new electric tram system to run on repurposed railway routes. Read more



Swiss longevity startup Avea gets €2.43 million booster by

The startup has enlisted scientists and researchers in the field of longevity to produce a supplement line to optimise long-term health as well as slow and even reverse some of the signs of aging. Read more

avea longevite


How 'superworms' could help solve the trash crisis by

A bunch of small but hungry bugs might hold the key to saving the planet thanks to their uncanny ability to devour polystyrene — the material behind plastic foam. Read more



Would you take a sky cruise in a nuclear powered flying hotel? by

Even with the growth in green energy, nuclear fusion still powers many facets of our lives. But nuclear powered vacationing has thankfully remained a largely untapped corner of the market. Read more

Shy Cruise


Balenciaga drops couture bang & olufsen speaker bag and mercedes-amg face shield by

Balenciaga’s 51st Couture show was proof that Demna can do more than just create headline-grabbing collections, but in the designer’s usual ways nothing was as simple as it seemed. Read more

speaker bag


Meet the creative who helped grow living plants on clothes for Loewe by

It was hard to miss the living greenery sprouting from the runway pieces at Loewe’s spring/summer 2023 show in Paris over the weekend, which explored the relationship between nature and technology. Read more

clothes _plants