Best Tech Stories around the web #323

mini car

An AI that would already know the champion of the football world cup and another for marine research. The Mayflower ship will cross the ocean without a crew. Meanwhile, a mini car is available in kit form!


How the Mayflower became the first autonomous ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean by

A robotic ship seven years in the making, the Mayflower successfully landed in Canada after navigating a transatlantic journey on its own brainpower and pushing the boundaries of AI in marine research. Read more


Microrobot device removes brain hemorrhages due to strokes or aneurysms by

A new treatment for strokes caused by bleeding in the brain that uses a magnetically controlled microrobot-enabled self-clearing catheter has been shown to be 86% effective in animal models. Read more



DIY kits offer to build the smallest car in the world, peel P50 by

Flashback to 1962, in the seaside town of Peel on the Isle of Man, Cyril Cannell thought of building a car design that could transport two mid-height people, not electric at the time. Read more

mini car


World cup: this artificial intelligence already knows the winner by

Next November, the World Cup will be held in Qatar. While this competition promises great uncertainties on the sporting level, an artificial intelligence has already decided on the teams which should come out of it the best. Read more

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