Best Tech Stories around the web #320

computer powered by algae

This week scientists mix technology and nature with a computer powered by algae and a portable wind turbine to charge electronics with wind. Also to be discovered an AI that identifies lung cancer and a choker that analyzes mental health through voice.


Scientists create algae computer powered by photosynthesis by

Scientists have used algae to power a low-energy computer chip for six months. Read more

ordinateur algue


A portable wind turbine that fits in your backpack? Yes please by

Humans have been harnessing the wind for centuries, but Shine is a radical departure from large-scale projects like windmills or wind farms. Read more


University at Buffalo researchers identify key drivers of lung cancer using AI by

A team from the University of Buffalo sought to understand why these factors had different consequences depending on where the patients lived. Read more



Vietnam has just opened the world’s longest glass-bottomed suspension bridge by

Like a summer/spring fashion show attracting hoards of humans, these glass-bottomed bridges have visitors flocking to strut their stuff on the transparent runway. Read more


This choker analyzes the mental health of its wearer thanks to his voice by

To allay your fears, adopt the radical solution developed by Maria Rybina. This Russian design student recently presented a very original concept of connected clothing. Read more

connected clothes