Best Tech Stories around the web #312

oeuvre Lune

A work of art sent to the Moon, an invisibility shield, an algorithm to find talents, a train that never stops... we don't know where to look this week!


The first artwork to be sent to the moon will be a piece by Dubai-based artist Sacha Jafri by

A new initiative by NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services  will send the first artwork to the surface of the moon. Read more

oeuvre Lune


Inversion Space, the start-up that wants to make parcels rain down from space by

As its name more or less clearly indicates, Inversion simply wants to deliver packages from space. Obviously, no question of sending a pizza or new pillowcases, the process would be slightly too expensive. Read more

space delivery


In Australia, an “infinite train” project capable of recharging its electric batteries… while driving by

In Australia, the mining giant Fortescue has announced that it is starting the development of an electric train capable of recharging its batteries automatically using the gravitational force. Read more

train autonome



A new track is uploaded to Spotify nearly every second of each day. So using the service as a talent scouting tool can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Read more



Startup says it’s created an actual “invisibility shield” by

A British startup claims to have created a real world “invisibility shield” that doesn’t even need power to operate. While it isn’t exactly the “Predator”-style invisibility tech from the future, it’s a fun demonstration of a clever optical trick. Read more