Best Tech Stories around the web #311

Ion Drive

Building more with less? Nasa supports the Ion Drive, a silent drone with no engine, propeller or jet engine. Autonomous cars without a driver's seat are now allowed in the US with their own safety rules. And finally, check out the winners of the SXSW 2022 Awards!


Ion Drive, the silent drone supported by NASA by

No engine, no propeller or reactor, theIon Drive is a aircraft which has an electro-aerodynamic propulsion. Read more

Ion Drive


Autonomous vehicles can lose the steering wheel under new US safety standards by

Fully autonomous vehicles in the United States will no longer have to be equipped with manual controls like pedals and a steering wheel to meet safety standards. Read more

autonomous vehicule


This App Can Diagnose Rare Diseases From a Child's Face by

Doctors often struggle to identify rare conditions they may only see once in a lifetime. Face2Gene helps specialists find others with the same condition. Read more

App diseases


Augmented Reality Can Now Resurrect Extinct Animals by

Scientists are working on ways to bring extinct animals like the wooly mammoth or the passenger pigeon back from the dead. Read more

extinct animals RA


This New York-based startup literally creates diamonds from air pollution by

Now diamonds are available in sustainable versions too! Thanks to company Aether which recently announced the creation of the world's first carbon-negative gems that physically and chemically match the mined ones. Read more

CO2 diamond


Connect With SX, South By Southwest by

Vulcan in robotics and hardware, Intelligent Infrastructure Solution for smart cities, transportation and delivery, Quicktome Next in AI & Machine Learning... Discover the winners of SXSW 2022! Read more





“Children today are not only digital natives, they’re AI natives.” by

Artificial intelligence is impacting every walk of business life.  And yet, as with most sea changes in technology, your mileage may vary. Read more


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