Best Tech Stories around the web #303

impression 3D algue

"Maybe we don’t need to build environmental robots. Maybe we just need to empower life to protect itself" by



These robots are powered by algae balls living inside by

Researchers have proven that marimo can be harnessed to do more—autonomously roaming lake beds to monitor water conditions like temperature and oxygen content. Read more


impression 3D algue



Researchers Have Managed to 3D Print a Flexible OLED Display​​​​​​​ by

Researchers at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities have managed to 3D print a flexible OLED display using a customized printer. Read more


led screen 3D print


Air yacht concept by pierpaolo lazzarini sails both skies and seas with zero emissions by

While long-distance traveling by air doesn’t allow full electric mobility yet, italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini thinks there is actually a solution to sailing both skies and oceans without emissions in the future — the ‘air yacht‘. Read more


air yacht concept


Know yourself: AIPod & Health Lounge by

AIPod: New generation, standalone self-service check-up station. An integrated set of reliable medical-grade physiological sensors to monitor key health data points. Read more


medical check innovation


Noveto N1 ‘invisible headphones’ beam audio directly to your ears by

"Invisible headphones" sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but fiction became reality at CES 2022 with the launch of the Noveto N1. Read more


music sound ears