Best Tech Stories around the web #302

Lunettes réalité augmentée réunion

"DingTalk will become the connection point between the digital world and the physical world, especially in the work scene." said Ye Jun by


Innovating winery press technology through AI by

Automation has long been a feature of Della Toffola press extraction, with intelligent programming also integrated as a feature in the press range for many years. Read more

Pressure de vin par Della Toffola


Alibaba To Launch AR Glasses For DingTalk Virtual Meetings In The Metaverse​​​​​​by

DingTalk’s glasses will not require nearsighted persons to wear glasses as they will feature self-adjusted optical functions. Read more

Lunettes réalité augmentée réunion


Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 electric bicycles expand into Canada after rolling out in EU, US by 

After beginning sales in the US and recently opening up sales in Europe, Harley-Davidson’s electric bicycle brand Serial 1 has now expanded into Canada. Read more

Velo éléectrique Harley-Davidson


Skincasts presents its 3D printed splints to replace casts by

Arles-based start-up Skincasts 3D-prints wrist, elbow and ankle splints to replace traditional casts. Its innovation, already tested by several hundred people, was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Read more

Attelles imprimées 3D


Tradition and technology combine in a book of fully AI-generated Irish poems and imagery by

A project by Irish designers Oscar Torrans and Kristian Glenn explores the idea of using AI to generate a book. This poetry book is fully AI-generatedRead more

Livre IA


Turkish farmer tries virtual reality for more cow's milk by dailysabah 

Inspired by a similar practice in Russia, Izzet Koçak fitted virtual reality (VR) headsets to his cows, transporting them to virtual evergreen pastures in a bid to boost milk yields, and it worked. Read more

Vache réalité virtuelle