Best Tech Stories around the web #298


"Combining design research with scientific literature, the knowledge of meditation experts and insights from medical doctors, the project led to the development of a series of immersive stations for meditation." by


An AI Finds Superbug-Killing Potential in Human Proteins by

A team scoured the human proteome for antimicrobial molecules and found thousands, plus a surprise about how animals evolved to fight infections. Read more



Ming Shan Digital Experience​​​​​​​ by

Many apps designed for meditation have reached the market. But how might we gain a deeper understanding of how digital technologies can support meditation and generate benefits for practitioners? Read more



Tesla announces all-electric $1,900 Cyberquad for kids by the

It starts shipping in December. Read more



NASA shares its (fascinating) vision of tomorrow’s space travel by

With the arrival of New Space or the emergence of programs like Artemis, conquest and space exploration seem two things more accessible than ever. But if NASA is currently only targeting the Moon, the intentions of the US space agency are quite different, as this futuristic video produced by the US agency shows. The recent flights of Richard Branson on July 11 and Jeff Bezos on the 20 have made space travel even more accessible than it was. Read more



Microsoft's Ugly Holiday Sweater Is a Hideous Ode to Minesweeper, and I Need It by

You don't need to know how to play Minesweeper to appreciate this fugly sweater. Read more



If 8 Popular Websites Existed in the ‘90s by

Technology has come a long way since the ‘90s. Remember: this was the decade when we thought Tamagotchis were fun, playing Snake was the greatest phone game ever, and “apps” were just appetizers. We didn’t have the Internet as we know it today; we’d certainly never heard the term “social media,” and blogging was only becoming a thing at the end of the decade. Read more



Némo – International Biennial of Digital Arts of the Ile-de-France Region

Dedicated to digital arts, audiovisual performances, live performances linked to new technologies as well as to the relationship between arts and sciences, Némo – International Biennial of Digital Arts of the Île-de-France Region, presents exhibitions, shows, performances, concerts and encounters in various venues in the Île-de-France region for a period of three months. Discover the event