Best Tech Stories around the web #301


"When stimulated by electrical signals, the electrophoretic technology brings different color pigments to the surface, causing the body skin to take on the desired coloration." by


Las Vegas to Accelerate Urban Transformation with First-Ever IoT-Enabled Digital Twin by

A leading Digital Twin provider and an IoT exponent are jointly developing a technology solution to transition Las Vegas to zero carbon emissions. Read more



HTC is launching a VR wrist tracker for its Vive Focus 3 headset​​ by

Set to launch later this quarter. Read more



BMW debuts its electric iX flow with fluidly color-changing 'E Ink'​​​​​​​ by

Today at CES 2022, BMW demonstrated an entirely new technology which wraps its vehicles in a color changing exterior. with the use of innovative digitization, a potential driver can transform a vehicle according to various situations and their shifting moods. the scheme is called E Ink, and was presented on the all-electric BMW iX flow. Read more


Researchers have been able to study the DNA of mummies thousands of years old thanks to lice! by

DNA is scarce in South American mummies dating back several millennia. The presence of parasites in individuals shortly before their death has nevertheless made it possible to preserve this precious molecule during all this time. Read more



Scientists train goldfish to drive a fish-operated vehicle on land by

The fish learned to operate a fish tank on wheels. Read more



Hyundai Wants To Build A Metaverse That Uses Real Robots by

Hyundai wants the Metaverse to interact with the real world via robotic avatars, so you can 'wear' a Boston Dynamics robot in virtual reality. Read more