Best Tech Stories around the web #296


"For seven years, though, it’s been quietly working on one of its most ambitious projects yet: a haptic glove that reproduces sensations like grasping an object or running your hand along a surface." by Adi Robertson on


Meta’s sci-fi haptic glove prototype lets you feel VR objects using air pockets by

A new sci-fi interface for the metaverse. Read more


Hyundai releases electric version of 1980s Grandeur saloon car by

Designers at Korean car company Hyundai have built the Heritage Series Grandeur, a modernised, all-electric version of its 1980s saloon car. Read more



Surprise! The Apple Car might actually look like this by

According to real patent-based renders. Read more



This Glasgow nightclub is turning your dance moves into renewable energy by

Young people are leading the charge when it comes to climate justice. As well as initiating global climate strikes and sit-ins, challenging the government’s lack of action, fighting to make COP26 more inclusive, and stepping up when politicians don’t (and so much more), now they’re saving the planet by… going clubbing. Read more



SpinLaunch kinetic launch system celebrates a successful test flight by 

The thing that has been common for every satellite put into orbit in the history of spaceflight is that they’ve all used rockets. However, the need for rockets is changing with a company called SpinLaunch celebrating the first successful test launch for its kinetic launch system. The launch system doesn’t use a rocket and is zero emissions. Read more



/reveal/ by b<>com, crucial tech x live show, nov. 25th online.

Welcome to the 2nd edition of /reveal/, the phygital tech show produced by b<>com. 
Nov. 25th, discover why Industry leaders are banking on PRIVATE 5G networks.
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