Best Tech Stories around the web #297


"Marine invertebrates like octopuses, squids, shrimp, and crayfish are capable of feeling pain, hunger, joy, and excitement, among other expressions of sentience." by


Burberry creates mirrored pop-up store on Jeju Island by

British fashion brand Burberry has installed a pop-up store that reflects a surrounding mountain range on Jeju Island, South Korea, for its latest outerwear clothing collection. Read more



Virtual Fashion May Solve The Industry's Long-Standing Sustainability Issue by

With the fashion industry forever under scrutiny for lack of sustainability, the time for digital fashion is now. Read more



Octopuses, Crabs, and Lobsters are Sentient Beings, Says Updated UK Law by

It’s an important step forward for animal welfare, but the degree to which these creatures will be protected remains in doubt. Read more



This NASA spacecraft will smash into an asteroid—to practice saving Earth by

The DART mission will try to alter a harmless asteroid’s orbit, a technology that could one day defend Earth from armageddon. Read more



"Liminal Lands", Jakob Kudsk Steensen, 2021, Commissioned by Luma Arles

"Liminal Lands" is a transitional zone where fundamental energies of sun, wind, water and bacteria connect to participants' bodies in virtual reality. Through interactive multiplayer technology, physical movements, spatial sounds and textures synchronize into a musical composition driven by immersed participants. "Liminal Lands" reveals life-shaping transformations, invisible to the naked eye. It begins slow and rhythmic, guiding from the familiar human realm towards a metamorphosis of life and technology. Read more