Best Tech Stories around the web #295


"Fiction can therefore be an exploratory medium for designers, helping them materialize potential future scenarios." - Sens Fiction


Boeing gets green light for satellite internet constellation by

Using 147 satellites to beam broadband internet around the world. Read more



High school senior uses MRI data to 3D print a human brain by

Elena Malott, a student from mcnair academic high school in new jersey, has 3D printed a larger-than-life brain using an experimental robotic printer developed for space applications. modeled from real-world MRI data, the 3D printed brain is four times the size of the subject’s own brain, measuring 560mm x 670mm x 370mm tall. Read more


I want to taste an AI-designed flavor by

And smell an AI-created fragrance. Read more



Airbus flies A319neo on 100% sustainable aviation fuel for first time by

An A319neo has made its first test flight with 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as part of the first in-flight study of a single-aisle aircraft running off the fuel. Read more



The future of exoplanet identification might lie on the surface of stars, Yale study finds by

ale researchers, alongside an international team of astronomers, have developed a technique to reveal the presence of exoplanets by observing the surface and movement of stars. Read more



Mythical ’90s video game, Adibou is back by

Ubisoft has announced a new version of the educational game. It will be available on the computer, but also as a mobile application. Read more



It’s a Notch, Notch World by

Slow week in tech news; we get Meta-stasized; Apple getting into the headset game; Wendy's PR team wins; Facebook takes down Nicaraguan troll farm, but verifies a fake Elon Musk; Snap being investigated for securities fraud; Uber offers up Teslas through Hertz deal; creator coins; companies leaving China; don't tweet after death; Star Trek: Prodigy; delays on screen wipes; music gadgets; being negative; get your notch; the Book of Boba Fett; Trojan Source; Facebook's cringe-worthy internal staff video. Listen here



Sens Fiction, October 6th to January 6th, Nantes, Pays de Loire, France.

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