Best Tech Stories around the web #277

urban sun daan roosegaarde

This week: Metajacket imagines the future of fashion thanks to AR, Studio Roosegaarde invents the very first "urban sun" designed to eclipse COVID-19, Microsoft Mesh promises unprecedented collaborative experiences in mixed reality, SpaceX launches its ambitious space tourism project around the Moon and rediscover SantExpo 100% digitally from March 9-11, 2021.



We designed the METAJACKET to be a piece you'd be proud to wear in the streets, and in game. An over the top puffer jacket, enhanced with mechanical anime ears and cuffs, dynamic screens and power levitating necklace. Read more


Daan Roosegaarde's Urban Sun claims to make spaces "virus-free in minutes" by

Studio Roosegaarde has proposed a light that uses ultraviolet radiation to sanitise outdoor spaces, claiming this could reduce the risk of people contracting Covid-19. Urban Sun uses far-UVC, a type of ultraviolet light with a lower wavelength that is thought to kill viruses while potentially posing a lower health risk to humans. Read more


Microsoft Mesh feels like the virtual future of Microsoft Teams meetings by

Last week, Microsoft’s Alex Kipman, the inventor of Kinect and HoloLens, appeared in my living room to hand me jellyfish and sharks. That might sound like I had a weird dream, but it was a meeting made possible through Microsoft’s new Mesh platform. I donned a HoloLens 2 headset, joined a virtual meeting room, and Kipman immediately appeared next to my coffee table, ready to demonstrate Microsoft’s vision for the future of VR and AR — or as Microsoft calls it, mixed reality. Read more


Japanese billionaire seeks 8 volunteers for SpaceX flight around the moon by

Wanna get away? A Japanese billionaire is looking for eight volunteers to fly to the moon with him on Elon Musk’s spaceship. Read more


SantExpo, 100% digital event from March 9th to March 11th, 2021

The hospital and the social and medico-social institutions are in the midst of change, with a growing public concern about the future of the healthcare system. For this new edition, at a time when our health system needs to be redesigned, the FHF wishes to propose to all health players to come together around a thematic theme: “Attractiveness in all its forms”. Click here to sign up.