Best Tech Stories around the web #278


This week: Sony files an atypical patent to turn bananas or any other objects into console controllers, Rolls-Royce imagines the flying taxi, British agency Foster + Partners lets you visit 22 UK monuments in VR, "Deep Nostalgia" app lets you animate old family photos through AI and discover the "Machine Memoirs: Space" digital exhibition from March 18th to April 25th, 2021.


Sony explores tech that can turn bananas into PlayStation controllers by

Sony explores an avant garde technology that seeks to replace the traditional PlayStation controller with any handheld object — in this case, a banana. The team introduces the plans as an alternative to the overly-expensive, technically complex, and potentially inaccessible controllers that now dominate the industry. Read more


Rolls-Royce to power Vertical Aerospace's all-electric 'flying taxi' by

Rolls-Royce technology will be used to power a drone-like ‘flying taxi’ that is being developed in Bristol, the engineering giant has confirmed. The company’s ground-breaking tech is set to power the so-called Urban Air Mobility (UAM) aircraft - an all-electric flying vehicle being built by aerospace manufacturer Vertical Aerospace. Read more


Foster + Partners 360˚ views by

For the first time, 22 UK buildings by the practice have been captured in their full 360˚ glory. Located across the length and breadth of the country, from the Creek Vean House (1966) to Bloomberg (2017), the fully immersive tours offer a rounded perspective of each project with wraparound views of interior and exterior spaces. View UK tour

Don't forget to take the tour in full screen mode to get the best viewing experience!


Deep Nostalgia: 'creepy' new service uses AI to animate old family photos by

Deep Nostalgia, a new service from the genealogy site MyHeritage that animates old family photos, has gone viral on social media, in another example of how AI-based image manipulation is becoming increasingly mainstream. Read more


Machine Memoirs: Space, from March 18th to April 25th, 2021

Discover the upcoming Machine Memoirs: Space exhibition by Refik Anadol, starting March 18 on Pilevneli Gallery's Instagram account. This online event will be 100% free to the public.