Best Tech Stories around the web #273

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This week: The best of CES 2021, the OpenAI’s latest model, and Refik Anadol uses machine-learning to generate his "quantum memories".


Best of CES 2021: Pandemic tech, green tech, air taxis and lots of robots by

Flashy three-story booths and auditoriums full of tech nerds were replaced by highly produced livestreams and virtual pitches from executives dialing in from their home offices and kitchen tables. But in the end, it was still CES. Read more


AI And Creativity: Why OpenAI’s Latest Model Matters by

Earlier this month, OpenAI—the research organization behind last summer’s much-hyped language model GPT-3—released a new AI model named DALL-E. While it has generated less buzz than GPT-3 did, DALL-E has even more profound implications for the future of AI. Read more


Refik Anadol uses machine-learning to generate his 'quantum memories' for the NGV triennial by designboom

for the 2020 edition of the NGV triennial, artist refik anadol generates his ‘quantum memories’ with the use of machine-learning algotrithms. the video artwork series is an expression of more than 200 million nature-related images from the internet. these images are processed using quantum computing software developed by the google AI quantum research team together with a supercomputer that has been programmed with machine-learning algorithms. Read more