5G and beyond: b<>com is hiring 90 talents to create a French and European champion

© Fred Pieau

The government confirmed yesterday that it will finance up to 30 M€ to develop *xG*, a sovereign technology strategy for private digital infrastructure, 5G and beyond, supported by the IRT b<>com.

The b<>com *xG* initiative, designed in close collaboration with teams from local authorities, the Breton and Lannion digital ecosystem, and the Government, is in line with the political priority that has long been declared: to position the Bretagne region as a reference territory in terms of the sovereignty of private digital infrastructures (5G and beyond).

"This announcement is the result of a remarkable collective effort for the competitiveness and sovereignty of vital industries in France and Europe. We are both very proud and enthusiastic about the idea of launching this initiative to help our territories regain a global industry in which we have all the assets to succeed. ", explains Bertrand Guilbaud, CEO at b<>com.

Future generations of digital infrastructure will enable new fields of application through the use of more agile and open technologies that allow for improved bandwidth, much lower latency, a variety of connected objects, and better energy performance. They will also transform businesses by becoming accessible to the IT teams of companies and institutions that will be able to choose to deploy and operate them on their own private networks.

This is the focus of the b<>com *xG* initiative, a sovereign technology strategy for private digital infrastructures, 5G and beyond.

Taking advantage of a favorable context in terms of skills and challenges, b<>com *xG* will meet the operational needs of companies and operators of vital infrastructures in terms of flow control and security, network customization, and coverage. Backed by its cutting-edge experience and the support of the government and local authorities, b<>com *xG* will achieve benefits in terms of cost, cybersecurity, energy efficiency, and ease of deployment in addition to its neutrality and sovereign nature. Several public and private partners have already expressed their interest in participating in this ambition.

To develop *xG*, b<>com will create 90 jobs at its Lannion site.


The first job offers will be open by the end of 2020. The profiles we are looking for will be published on our website very soon.