b<>com is teleporting into Laval!

From March 22 to 26, b<>com and its partner Orange will be present at the Laval Virtual conference, an important event in the fields of new technology and practices for all things virtual.

The two partners will be presenting an immersive telepresence solution that enables virtual co-presence between geographically remote users. The solution incorporates 360° video, spatialized audio, gesture-based interaction, and viewing in a virtual reality headset. This experience offers unparalleled comfort, perception of the remote environment, and easy navigation and interaction. A solution like this can be deployed in private settings (immersion in one’s own home during business travel, virtual museum trips) or in professional applications like intervention in a hostile environment.

This experiment carried out jointly by b<>com and Orange is aimed at assessing users’ appetite and acceptability from a usage perspective.

The solution will be visible at the Orange Booth (B2) throughout the conference.

More information about Laval Virtual