b<>com at ECW 2022: Private 5G and watermarking in the spotlight

b-com at ECW 2022

b<>com is back at European Cyber Week from 15 to 17 November in Rennes! You will discover *Dome*, b<>com's private 5G network solution, which provides easy, universal but above all secure connectivity, as well as b<>com *Tag*, the digital watermarking technology that controls the distribution of confidential content.

b<>com *Dome*, antifragile private 5G to secure your data

Discover b<>com *Dome*, our sovereign private 5G network solution.

b<>com *Dome* allows you easy, universal and most importantly secure connectivity, while guaranteeing total control of your data, which can remain local to the deployment site. A real toolbox for creating highly flexible networks, b<>com *Dome* will integrate perfectly with your infrastructure.

Nicolas Dallery, Marketing & Sales Director, explains: "As it is easy to deploy and operate, end-customer IT teams will have no trouble learning how to use the b<>com *Dome* solution, so it does not require an internal telco specialist at the customer's site."

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Private 5G neetwork form factors

Secure your video content with b<>com *Tag*

Launched at the International Cybersecurity Forum in Lille, b<>com *Tag* is the digital watermarking solution that allows you to share your confidential video content in complete security.

Digital watermarking not only identifies potential sources of leakage of your content, but also authenticates it with an imperceptible and undetectable watermark.

watermarking solution

b<>com at the conferences

Gaëtan Le Guelvouit, Head of the Trust & Security Lab at b<>com, will be speaking at the conference "What answers to secure the integration of healthcare solutions?". Come and join us on November 17 at 11:30 a.m. to discover Cyber Range Santé, a cybersecurity test environment designed to evaluate healthcare IS.

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