Best Tech Stories around the web #333

Broccoli gas aliens


Boston Dynamics and other industry heavyweights pledge not to build war robots by

Boston Dynamics, along with five other industry leaders announced on Thursday that they will not pursue, or allow, the weaponization of their robots, according to a non-binding, open letter they all signed. Read more

Boston Dynamics Robots


Zena Holloway launches a collection of bio-designs grown entirely from grass root by

During this year’s London Design Festival, at the inaugural edition of the ‘Material Matters’ design fair, multi-disciplinary creative Zena Holloway launched a new collection of sculptures, wearables, and products grown entirely from grass root. Read more


Artificial intelligence could soon diagnose illness based on the sound of your voice by

Voices offer lots of information. Turns out, they can even help diagnose an illness — and researchers are working on an app for that. Read more

AI dectection illness


The role of broccoli gas in detecting extraterrestrial life by

New research published in the Astrophysical Journal has suggested that the presence of broccoli gas on other planets could provide evidence of extraterrestrial life. Read more

Broccoli gas aliens


AWE 2022 - Where XR Business Thrives by

The Augmented World Expo 2022 will take place on October 20 and 21 in Lisbon. This exhibition, dedicated to XR professionals, is an opportunity to meet, exchange and learn about a constantly evolving field. b<>com will be there! What about you? Learn more

b-com at AWE 2022