b<>com and Human Design Group imagine the future of user experience together

To better anticipate issues related to human factors in industrial technologies and engineering, Human Design Group (HDG) is joining b<>com. A fruitful collaboration whose first concrete results was previewed at MONDIAL.TECH.

Today, industrial firms are redoubling their efforts to optimize their innovation process. Human factor and ergonomics services meet this significant need. By making people the focus of their approach to development, they maximize acceptability and therefore the success of their technologies. Offering user-focused innovations to international manufacturers is the reason why b<>com and HDG have joined together.

The first results were shown at Mondial Tech. HDG presented an exclusive virtual reality simulation demo codeveloped with b<>com, which immerses the user into a city driving experience in which many unexpected situations arise. Focused on user experience, the solution will make it possible, through cognitive technologies, to accurately evaluate human behaviors in the driver's seat. The goal: Design better cars for the future.

“We are delighted to welcome Human Design Group as a shareholder. This new commitment legitimizes our investments and skills in the field and will solidify our growth prospects. It will allow us to develop a stronger ambition together on essential matters like cognitive technologies, ergonomics, and user experience. We share common expertise in understanding and analyzing human factors and are very proud to be able to witness the first concrete results of this partnership at MONDIAL.TECH,” adds Bertrand Guilbaud, CEO of b<>com.

“Our partnership with the IRT b<>com is in line with our strategy of pooling expertise and finding professional synergies. This collaboration makes it possible to complete the commercialization chain through knowledge of both the industrial and academic environments in order to bring together the best of both worlds. With this partnership, will be able to optimize our innovation processes for our clients by facilitating the agile, user-centered development of Proofs of Concept (POC) validated by cognitive technologies. We are delighted to jointly present this first demo with b<>com that illustrates automotive sector activity and human factor sensors,” explains Dominique Soler, President of HDG.