b<>com *Sublima* available in the new Xilinx App Store

SDR-HDR converter
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This is a thrilling new step for this award-winning product!

Xilinx just launched its new App Store and our award-winning product, b<>com *Sublima*, features as a flagship in the catalog. Powered by Accelize's digital rights management technology,​ Xilinx App Store makes it easy to evaluate, purchase, and deploy FPGA accelerated applications. From now on, any customer interested in our converter can try it for free right here in the cloud.

For those who do not know it yet, b<>com *Sublima* is the only way to get all the benefits of real-time dynamic and adaptive conversion techniques, without any need for manual adjustment. Based on an intelligent algorithm, this product guarantees an optimal conversion from SDR to HDR, HDR to SDR, or roundtrip, regardless of the video content. The product won a NAB Innovation Award in 2017 and a NAB Product of the Year Award in 2019. Many broadcast professionals including live production solution providers and broadcast network infrastructure specialists as well as video market leaders have chosen to work with b<>com’s converter.

Nicolas Dallery, Marketing & Sales Director, explains that “The Xilinx App Store is a new distribution channel for b<>com *Sublima* allowing us to offer new, flexible business models (SaaS, Pay-per-use, dynamic licensing) to our customers while benefiting from Xilinx’s technology expertise and marketing footprint. Thanks to a very easy-to-access Try-Before-You-Buy offer, the Xilinx App Store will also facilitate the discovery and testing of the b<>com solution with first-class performance and quality of service. We are thrilled to be joining the Xilinx AppStore as it is a great new business opportunity for b<>com”.

Dilkhush Dubash from Xilinx states that “b<>com *Sublima* is a flagship on the Xilinx App Store and we are proud to make this award-winning product available to a wider range of customers”.

Try it out: It takes only a few minutes to start your free evaluation here on Xilinx’s App Store in the cloud. Soon, it will also be available on-premises!

If you have any question about the converter, please contact sales@b-com.com


SDR-HDR converter