Best Tech Stories around the web #275

This week: Wearable sensor can detect stress hormone cortisol in human sweat, an app for the identification of individuals, and VR app helps you bring the football training pitch to your home.


Wearable sensor can detect stress hormone cortisol in human sweat by

EPFL engineers working with a startup company called Xsensio have developed a new wearable sensing chip that can measure the concentration of a stress hormone called cortisol in human sweat. The wearable sensor allows for quasi-continuous monitoring and can help doctors understand and treat stress-related conditions such as burnout and obesity. The sensor could potentially be placed on the patient’s skin in the form of a wearable patch and allow near-continuous monitoring of cortisol concentrations, which is the main stress biomarker in the wearer’s sweat. Read more


Clearview AI face biometrics patent filing suggests consumer application by

A patent application filed by Clearview AI proposing the use of its biometric technology for the identification of individuals in a variety of private and public sectors, including law enforcement, retail, and real estate, has been published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Read more


Soccer training in VR is quite a workout by

There are several reasons why you may not be able to get outside to practice your soccers skills in front of a real goal. You could be carrying an injury, the weather might be too inclement, or there could be a global pandemic that’s caused public training venues to be closed down. But, in adversity, VR might help you bring the training pitch to your home. And having spent a couple of days training inside Rezzil Player 21, I can say that it’s quite the workout. Read more