About b<>com

Our ambition is to innovate for the common good by driving major innovations in three domains: hypermedia, networks & security and e-health. Discover b<>com in 90 seconds thanks to this key facts and figures video.


Through its innovations, the b<>com Institute of Research and Technology (IRT), founded in late 2012, is contributing to the European digital transformation.

Its 230 researchers are developing tools, products, and services that make everyday life easier. They focus on two fields of research: the hypermedia (ultra high-definition images, 3D sound, smart content, virtual and augmented reality, etc.) and more agile ultra-high-speed networks (cloud, cyber-security, ultra-high-speed mobile, network resiliency, Internet of Things, etc.).

Fred Pieau

Among the many fields of application for these technologies, e-health allows b<>com to take part in the digital revolution of the medical system. This is a priority field of application, at the intersection of the Institute's network and hypermedia expertise.

The IRT, which came about from a public/private partnership, brings together top experts from industry and academia at its Rennes campus, and its sites in Paris, Brest, and Lannion.

Certified in 2012 by the global cluster Images & Réseaux, it is supported by the French government's Investissements d’Avenir program, and locally by the region of Brittany, Rennes Métropole, Lannion Trégor Communauté, and Brest Métropole.

International Partnerships

Given the international markets in which it operates, b<>com has developed an international network of partners in Europe, North America, and Asia. Researcher mobility, licensing, collaborative research, content co-production, these are just some options for cooperation with the global industrial ecosystem that allow b<>com to accelerate in its three areas of technological expertise. 

European Projects

b<>com is participating in 10 European projects:

Standardization bodies and professional alliances

Besides these partnerships, b<>com has been actively involved since 2014 in large global standardization bodies and professional alliances.


As a symbol of its commitment to a quality approach, b<>com also became ISO 9001 and ISO13485 certified.