Stéphane Paquelet


Artificial Intelligence lab Manager

Stéphane Paquelet - bcom
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  • Career

Stéphane Paquelet received the B.S. degree from the Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau) and the M.S. Degree from Telecom Paris. He successively worked in the fields of Cryptology and Signal Processing for Electronic Warfare with Thales and led UWB R&D with Mitsubishi Electric from 2002 to 2007, where he proposed two pioneering transceivers for short-range /high data rates and large-range/low data rates, including telemetry (today industrialized). With Renesas Mobile Corporation from 2007 to 2013, he developed LTE physical layer expertise, participated to 3GPP standardization body and designed multi-standard reconfigurable RF-IC for cellular systems. Before joining b<>com, in the context of telecom sovereignty and cybersecurity government plans he drove a project for developing Brittany industry in the area of secure mobile communication platforms. His fields of expertise are Applied Mathematics, Signal Processing, Cryptology, Radio and Embedded System.

He is the author of 21 patents and 31 scientific papers, and is a regular member of the ANR’s evaluation committees. His fields of expertise are Applied Mathematics, Signal Processing, Cryptology, and radio and onboard systems.


  • At b<>com

Stéphane joined b<>com in 2014 as Manager of the Network Interfaces Laboratory. Since 2019, Stéphane has been in charge of the Artificial Intelligence Lab.


  • Main patents

Method for passive localization of a target and air-air localization in particular Stéphane Paquelet, Thales SA, 2001. US 6822608B2

Method and device for characterizing ultra-wide band (UWB) pulse sequences.
Stéphane Paquelet, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, 2004, US7519108B2.
Patent Award Mitsubishi Electric 2007

Apparatus for removing DC components inherent in a radio frequency chain.
Pascal le Corre, Stéphane Paquelet, Renesas Design France, 2011, US20130223570A1.

Procédé de génération d’un signal modulé en position d’impulsions, procédé de démodulation, produit programme d’ordinateur et dispositifs correspondants Stéphane Paquelet, Patrick Savelli, b<>com, 2016, WO2017211553A1 Patent Award b<>com 2016

Filtre interpolateur numérique, dispositif de changement de rythme et équipement de réception correspondants Ali Zeineddine, Stéphane Paquelet, b<>com, 2017  Patent Award b<>com 2017


  • Main publications

An impulse radio asynchronous transceiver for high data rates Stéphane Paquelet, Louis-Marie Aubert, Bernard Uguen. UWBST 2004.

Double-quadrature UWB receiver for wide-range localization applications with sub-cm ranging precision Dominique Morche et al. IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, October 2013.

TI-ADCs SFDR requirement analysis Stéphane Paquelet et al. NEWCAS 2013

Analytical derivation and optimization of a hybrid unicast-broadcast network for linear services Pape Abdoulaye Fam, Stéphane Paquelet et al. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, December 2016.

Parametric channel estimation for massive MIMO Luc Le Magoarou, Stéphane Paquelet. IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop, 2018.