xperience: What we can learn from the data collected

Right to be Forgotten: read our final report.

b<>com <x>perience has been launched on September 9, 2014 for 9 weeks. It is an easy-to-use interactive interface that offers many interactive areas where users can hit "like", leave comments, or post new entries. Goals are to broaden perspectives, encourage deeper thinking, and give reading suggestions for a topic without imposing a particular viewpoint. 

The b<>com <x>perience devoted to the right to be forgotten has ended. Without claiming to draw any final conclusions about this complicated issue, the discussion drew very substantive responses that added to the debate. The collected sample of reactions is fairly representative of the diversity of views currently held on the issue. There was a debate over what terms to use – the right to be forgotten, to burial, or to deletion – and a debate over how the subject can be viewed – from a legal, historical, or technological perspective. The topic is a complicated one, and it’s only a fine line that separates it from personal data protection, removal from search engines, and respect for privacy, each of which will definitely be covered by <x>perience in the future.

Thanks to all who contributed to the b<>com <x>perience! Future topics are already being considered. Feel free to suggest your own to communication[at]b-com.com!

Consult our final report below.