[VIDEO] b<>com's people: Interview with Nour Hobloss

Arriving in France in 2010 after receiving her Baccalauréat in Lebanon, Nour first studied applied mathematics at the Faculté de Bordeaux before earning a Master in signal and image processing. After graduating, she got her first job at the IRT Jules Verne de Nantes, on the robotics team. “Still in image and signal processing, I worked on sensors intended to guide welding robots used for ships. In 2017, I finally decided I wanted to do a thesis and was attracted by what b<>com had to offer.” Since October 2017, Nour has been a doctoral student at the Advanced Media Content lab. Her thesis is on the creation of virtual views from actual views. “The goal is to reduce the number of cameras, which will end up reducing costs, and to virtually create the missing “shots” from actually filmed shots. The viewer will be able to move about freely within a scene even though some of the images were created from scratch.”