Special Best Tech - CES 2019

This week, discover our Top 5 Innovations presented at the CES in Las Vegas: Nexus and its flying shuttle, the LG's roll-up screen, the four-legged car by Hyundai, a wall of curved screens by LG and the smart mirror of Careos.

Is the Bell Nexus the Future of Air Travel? by interestingengineering.com

Bell Helicopter unveiled their design for a full-scale air taxi, the Bell Nexus, at CES 2019, bringing us one step closer to the future of flying cars that humans have been looking forward to for almost 100 years. Read more

LG’s groundbreaking roll-up TV is going on sale this year by theverge.com

Yes, a 4K TV that rolls up is going to be very expensive — but just get a look at this thing. Read more

Hyundai's walking car concept with legs reinvents the wheel by wired.com

Like the sushirrito and the Rollie Eggmaster, the wheel is the certified product of the human brain, unmatched in ingenuity by eons of evolution. Read more

Artemis Smart Mirror Shows Off AR Vanity for Coty's Wella Professionals Salons by next.reality.news

If you salivate at the idea of waking up to the Jarvis-powered smart window from the opening minutes of Marvel's Iron Man, then connected home appliance maker CareOS is here to make your playboy billionaire philanthropist dreams come true. Read more

LG's extravagant 'Massive Curve of Nature' is the most mesmerizing thing at CES 2019 by mashable.com

LG has a long tradition of creating mesmerizing displays with its curved OLED TVs. CES 2019 was no exception. Read more