REFUGE draws a crowd at the IRT Forum

At the 2nd National IRT Forum held in Nantes (West of France) on October 21, 2014, b<>com screened an experimental short film co-produced with two Canadian companies.

A darkened room, a 65' Ultra-High Definition TV, headphones, comfy chairs and popcorn: Over the course of the day, 160 viewers were treated to the premiere of REFUGE, a film created by the talented young director Thibaut Duverneix.

In b<>com's theater, especially settled for the event

IRT Jules Verne

What made this movie so special was the feeling of immersion made possible by the combination of new technological tools like HFR images and spatial audio. This achievement that brought together content creation and technology took three parties working together: Jimmy Lee, the production house of Sid Lee (a global communication agency), BLVD, a multi-platform content production company from Canada, and b<>com. It should be noted that projects like these are quite rare internationally, as technological advances in sound and vision are often presented separately, and never in a work of fiction.

The viewers were impressed by the realistic, almost 3D images shot at 120 fps (frames per second). But in this initial version, the spatial audio was the most memorable feature. A door that closes shut behind you, horses getting closer, and the rustling of leaves literally put you in the middle of the action. Meanwhile, the musical score created by David Drury is a perfect fit for the director’s narrative. 


Only the Beginning of the Story

More technologically advanced versions exploring HDR (High Dynamic Range), HFR (High Frame Rate) and of course audio played through dozens of speakers are in store for 2015. For b<>com, this coproduction is a rare chance to put its solutions to the test on movie sets and professional post-production studios.

More screenings have been scheduled in Paris and Canada for the weeks ahead.

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