OpenStack Summit 2015: Mission Accomplished for Watcher

A look back at the 2015 Vancouver OpenStack Summit with Antoine Cabot, Christophe Dion and Xavier Priem from b<>com

OpenStack: The Open-Source Cloud Computing Toolbox

OpenStack is the largest open-source project in the world today, with a community of over 6000 active members and many companies like Dell, HP, IBM, and Cisco. OpenStack is used by NASA, CERN, eBay, OVH, and others.

OpenStack is an open-source "infrastructure manager". The idea is to turn a fleet of machines into a single operating system. 
Companies like Instagram and Google could not have succeeded without these tools that make it possible to manage and optimize the operation of giant data centers.

The OpenStack Summit: The World's Largest Open-Source Community Meet-Up 

The OpenStack Summit is this community's largest gathering, taking place every six months. In 2014, the meeting was held in Paris, and in 2015, the Vancouver Convention Centre was the site of contributions, improvements, and adaptions of the project.

This Summit celebrated the release of "Kilo", the 11th OpenStack release. The next meeting will be in Tokyo to celebrate the birth of "Liberty", the 12th release.

Watcher: Innovation, Open Source, and Green IT

Presented during the Vancouver Summit, Watcher is a new module for OpenStack initiated by the teams of b<>com's Cloud Computing Lab.

Watcher can be used to optimize OpenStack. Basically, it analyzes what is running on each machine in order to move certain virtual resources around.

Today, data centers consume 2% of the world's electrical power. By 2020, data storage needs will take up 6% to 8% of all power generated!

Antoine Cabot, the head of the laboratory, explained that the idea of Watcher is to find solutions to lower data centers' energy bills: 

"We have reached a mature phase in the use of the cloud. Now that it's working properly and we have the tools to manage autoscaling (automatic resource allocation), we're looking for solutions that use less power and avoid the need to build new data centers. The subject of Green IT, which was totally absent from the 2014 Paris Summit, is still getting little attention from the OpenStack community. The possibility of starting a working group on this topic with partners like IBM is being studied."

Telephone companies are also particularly interested in the development of these optimization tools: New European laws call for lowering the energy consumption of their networks 30% by 2020.

And now… Watcher is yours !

Those involved in the Watcher project have formed an open community, and anyone can access the code. The goal is to strengthen the module and facilitate its update before the next Summits: Tokyo in October 2015, then Austin in April 2016.

To contribute to the project, visit Watcher's GitHub page:

Make your cloud orchestration autonomic with Watcher

Watch Watcher's presentation by Antoine Cabot at the Vancouver OpenStack Summit: