New INTEL FPGA Acceleration Hub comes with b<>com!

Intel FPGA Acceleration Hub

As Intel is launching its new acceleration platform today, b<>com is pleased to announce that it's joining the Intel FPGA Acceleration Hub with its award-winning technology, b<>com [SDR-HDR Converter].

b<>com leverages on the Intel Xeon CPU with FPGA Platform to boost the processing speed of some of its recently developed technologies. The first technology solution that will benefit from Intel’s new platform is the b<>com [SDR-HDR Converter]. This technology won the prestigious NAB Technology Innovation Award in April of this year. It provides a powerful way to convert SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) content into an HDR (High Dynamic Range) format.
Conversion of legacy video contents will become much faster thanks to the combination of the Intel and b<>com technologies.
“After sharing a few demos at Intel booths during the last NAB and IBC shows, it was an obvious move for us to boost this technology's development with such a prestigious and high-quality program”, says Nicolas Dallery, marketing and sales director at b<>com. “It’s perfectly in keeping with our motto, “Tech that makes yours better” and our desire to give high value to both broadcast industry players and end users.”

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