Infographic: 5 keys for a successful Virtual Reality experience

Successful Virtual Reality experience

With the ocean discovery park Oceanopolis, b<>com conducted a series of full-scale tests from July 3 to 13, 2017 to prepare for an immersive attraction set to launch in summer 2018. From this experience, 5 key elements emerged for a successful Virtual Reality experience.

b<>com Institute of Research and Technology is developing the next-generation sickness-free virtual reality platform, b<>com [Virtual Arctic Expedition].

After testing its immersion:

  • 96% of participants say that the experience was pleasant (no eye strain, vertigo, or nausea)
  • 2/3 of participants say they feel be er after the experience (heightened emotional intensity)

*kinetosis = A disconfort that manifests when there is a mismatch between what the brain interprets and what the inner ear perceives. It may be compared to motion sickness