Green Hill Studio: Initial Results Are In

Last June, b<>com announced the birth of its very first spin-off: Green Hill Studio. Created by Thomas Boggini, a former Lab Manager at b<>com, the start-up began developing collaborative virtual reality experiences. Thomas looks back at the past few months and their first steps, challenges, and opportunities.

Thomas, how have these first few months of the company gone?

The launch period was busy, but the energy is still intact! There are now three of us working full-time. Since this summer, we have been working on the production of our second release. The official release is planned for Laval Virtual in April.

Meanwhile, we’ve been devoting a lot of time to the marketing of our first product, developed within b<>com: Virtual Arctic Expedition. As a reminder, the experience takes four participants at once down to the Arctic ocean floor.

This content is being marketed to aquariums that need new attractions to keep visitors interested. Oceanopolis is our partner in this effort, and together we've attended two major shows this year: Pollutech in Lyon in October, and the International Aquarium Conference in Fukushima in November.

Additionally, we’re also looking to approach content distributors aimed at the entertainment venue market (recreation centers, amusement parks, arcades, escape games, casinos, etc.). Virtual Arctic Expedition is an original piece of content that combines education and entertainment. This sort of content is relatively novel in the virtual reality market, so we have very good shot! 2018 has enabled us to initiate numerous contacts, and our efforts should bear fruit in 2019!

How is b<>com providing assistance?

b<>com has given us free use of their space since the adventure began. This is more than just a financial advantage—it has given us peace of mind and enabled us to focus on our core business. b<>com is also helping us build out our network by inviting us to conduct demos at their events. More contacts means more business opportunities for us!

At the same time, we're getting assistance from the incubator Emergys Bretagne, and advised by the experts at Poool. I would also like to take this moment to thank all of them.

What wishes can we send you for the year ahead?

A third product released! We also aim to grow in terms of our workforce in sales and production. All while keeping the same positive, pioneering spirit.

As for what’s on the schedule, we’ll be at Laval Virtual Days at the Maison de la Radio on January 17 for a day of discussions on the role of immersive media in informing the public.