Best Tech Stories for Christmas

This week: the Holiday Gift Guide for 2019, an Aluminium Christmas Tree, and a string light phone charger!


The Verge Holiday Gift Guide 2019 by

As the end of 2019 approaches, it’s a good time to think back and reflect on the year that was and to think about the friends, family, and co-workers in our lives who we are grateful and thankful to have. Read more


Oh Aluminum Christmas Tree, Your Branches Are Ever Gleaming by

Wisconsin Historical Society Exhibit Reflects On 1959 And The 60th Anniversary Of The Aluminum Tree. Read more


All I want for Christmas is this string light phone charger by

This genius combination of Christmas string lights and phone charger borders the line between kitschy and adorable, but I first saw it on Apartment Therapy, and I trust their judgment when it comes to cute items. Read more