Best Tech Stories from around the Web #89

On the program this week : Computer mimics brushstrokes of Rembrandt, Facebook is using AI to describe photos to blind users, SwiftKey created a keyboard to help users write like Shakespeare and a robot inspired by an octopus. Have a good reading!

3D-printed masterpiece? Computer mimics brushstrokes of Rembrandt by

A computer-generated portrait using machine learning algorithms created by The Next Rembrandt project has been shown off by a team from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The computer analysed Dutch master Rembrandt's work, thoroughly tagged by humans.

Facebook Is Using AI to Describe Photos to Blind Users by

Artificial intelligence is meant to be taking over the world, but along the way, it seems to be helping out humans from time to time. Today’s example: Facebook is using its artificial intelligence network to describe photos to the blind.

SwiftKey created a keyboard to help users write like Shakespeare by

To celebrate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, SwiftKey has launched a new "limited edition" Shakespearean keyboard, aptly called the ShakeSpeak. While SwiftKey’s other keyboards predict what users are typing as they swipe through letters, ShakeSpeak will predict what Shakespeare verse a user is trying to type out and fill in the blanks.

Octopus-Inspired Robots Can Grasp, Crawl, and Swim by

Soft electronics and smart control mechanisms help these robots get a better grip on a complex world