Best Tech Stories from around the Web #87

On the program this week : a skin patch to control diabetes, Google data center in this 360-degree video, South Korea invests in AI, Nitendo’s first smartphone app and the most popular programming language is…

Controlling diabetes with a skin patch by

Attempting to free people with diabetes from frequent finger-pricks and drug injections, researchers have created an electronic skin patch that senses excess glucose in sweat and automatically administers drugs by heating up microneedles that penetrate the skin.

Explore a massive Google data center in this 360-degree video by

Google has released a 360-degree video in glorious 4K resolution that takes you through its data center in The Dalles, Oregon.

South Korea trumpets $860-million AI fund after AlphaGo 'shock' by

Historic win by Google DeepMind's Go-playing program has South Korean government playing catch-up on artificial intelligence.

Nintendo’s first smartphone app, a social game called Miitomo, launches in Japan by

As promised last fall, Nintendo has launched its first mobile smartphone application – but it’s not a new Mario game, and the app is for now only available in Japan for the time being. Today, the company unveiled “Miitomo,” a social app that lets users create cartoon-like avatars of themselves – like the “Miis” that Nintendo introduced with the launch of the Wii gaming console years before.

Stack overflow survey: JavaScript is the most popular programming language by

According to the 56,033 developers surveyed by Stack Overflow as part of its annual user poll, JavaScript is again the most popular programming language. Other findings: developers are more into dogs than cats (except in Germany), are mostly self-taught, and are way more into Star Wars than Star Trek.