Best Tech Stories around the web #269

This week: SpaceX will attempt the first high altitude flight for Starship, the first 100% virtual museum, a designer imagines a lunar motorbike, Balenciaga unveils its new collection in a video game, and the Virtuality event from 02 to 04 December 2020.


SpaceX targeting next week for Starship’s first high-altitude test flight by

SpaceX looks ready to proceed to the next crucial phase of its Starship spacecraft development program: A 15km (50,000 feet) test flight. This would far exceed the max height that any prior Starship prototype has achieved so far, since the current record-setting hop test maxed out at around 500 feet. Elon Musk says that SpaceX will look to make its first high-altitude attempt sometime next week. Read more


The Virtual Online Museum of Art Is Open for Visitors par

You can now take a trip to an art museum without leaving the comfort of home thanks to the new Virtual Online Museum of Art. The museum—known as VOMA for short—is free to visit, making the works included in the museum accessible to a wide audience. It opened in September and has become a fascinating at-home experience for art lovers around the world. Read more


This conceptual NASA motorbike was designed to make donuts on the moon! by

So, it does seem theoretically possible to make donuts on the moon (after all, the lunar surface is caked with dust), and even have those donuts preserved because of a lack of atmospheric activity or wind on the moon! Andrew Fabishevsky’s NASA motorcycle concept imagines what an extraplanetary café racer would look like. Designed to mimic the style of NASA’s lunar rovers, the LMV v1 comes with a similar exoskeletal design, concealing the components underneath using mylar foil. Read more


Balenciaga made a video game to debut its next clothing collection by

Luxury fashion company Balenciaga will debut its next clothing collection in a video game on December 6th, according to WWD. Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow is an “allegorical adventure” set in the year 2031, in which “a hero avatar advances throughout distinct zones, motivated by tasks and interactions.” As game descriptions go it’s not the most detailed — it could apply to every video game from Super Mario through to Wolfenstein — but obviously the focus here is the company’s fall 2021 collection. Input reports that the Afterworld will be playable through browsers. Read more


Virtuality, from December 2nd to 4th décembre 2020

Every year Virtuality gathers leading names in the VR industry for three days of demos, educational sessions, experimental business meetings, talk presentations and an exhibit floor featuring industry leading innovators, influencers, creatives, manufacturers and technology developers.