Best Tech Stories around the web #238

This week: A solar airplane with the potential to stay airborne for a year, jaguar land rover unveils its electric city, China launches app to identify 'close contact' with coronavirus and the Vertigo Forum in Paris.


BAE's PHASA-35 solar powered endurance flyer has the potential to stay airborne for a year by

The aircraft could be used for a range of valuable applications including forest fire detection and maritime surveillance. Read more


jaguar land rover unveils electric city car 'project vector' by

jaguar land rover has unveiled a new concept vehicle designed to provide autonomous transport in urban environments. called ‘project vector’, it takes the form of an electric shuttle pod that the UK carmaker hopes to put on the road for testing by 2021. Read more


China launches app to identify 'close contact' with coronavirus by

The app is designed to let people know if they've been close to someone who has or may have the deadly illness. Read more


Forum Vertigo, February 26 & 27 2020 at IRCAM, Paris France.

The exhibition "Neurons, simulated intelligences" puts into context today’s contemporary creations, technological innovations, and industrial applications through a sort of archaeology of artificial intelligence, over a period of about fifty years. Using artists’ works, the exhibition presents a critical look at the technologies of intelligence simulation. The aim is to demystify the very idea of artificial intelligence, omnipresent in today’s society, by confronting human intelligence with mechanical and computer simulations. Discover the event