Best Tech Stories around the web #236

This week: Cancer gene map heralds a new era of personalized treatment, a new Google project reveals climate change damage to Unesco sites, and Berlin artist with 99 phones tricks Google Maps into traffic jam alert.


Cancer gene map heralds new era of personalised treatment par

Personalised cancer treatment that will slash the mortality rate of the world’s second-biggest killer is within reach after scientists unveiled a comprehensive catalogue of the disease’s genetic make-up. Lire la suite


Heritage on the edge: new Google project reveals climate change damage to Unesco sites by

Digital visualisations gathered for online exhibit will be a “blueprint” for heritage managers planning climate adaptation in the future. Read more


Traffic jams in Google Maps could be spoofed with 99 phones and a little red wagon by

In the video, posted by Simon Weckert, a Berlin-based artist who focuses on examining the value and impact of technology, a man walks down some city streets pulling a wagon with 99 smartphones that all have Google Maps’ navigation turned on. As the man pulls the wagon, the streets get progressively redder on Google Maps. Those red streets would typically indicate a bad traffic jam — but the video shows that the streets were nearly empty. Read more