Best Tech Stories around the web #225

This week: paralyzed man moves in a mind-reading exoskeleton, NASA releases 3D map of the moon, a VR Tour of Versailles and the BAM Festival in Belgium.


Paralysed man moves in mind-reading exoskeleton by

A man has been able to move all four of his paralysed limbs with a mind-controlled exoskeleton suit, French researchers report. Read more


NASA releases 3D map of the moon for CG artists and creators by

NASA has released images rendering an accurate 3D visualization of the moon‘s surface to the public. the animation, called the ‘CGI moon kit’, is composed of data from NASA’s lunar reconnaissance orbiter (LRO), which has been circling the moon capturing topographical data for 10 years. Read more


Google Releases Highly-polished VR Tour of Versailles for Free by

Google Arts & Culture partnered with Château de Versailles to create an extremely detailed VR tour of the iconic French palace, aptly named VersaillesVR – the palace is yours (2019). Read more



BAM Festival - October 19th & 20th in Liège, Belgium

The festival's mission is the sharing and dissemination of digital arts. Every year, Belgian and international artists offer innovative audiovisual performances in turn. The public can also discover more about the digital world through exhibitions and workshops. Discover the event