Best Tech Stories around the web #205

This week: Self-healing 3D-printed gel has a future in robots, the MetaFly drone substitutes rotors for wings, Ubisoft launches Assassin’s Creed VR escape rooms, Estonia is building a “Robot Judge” and the event “Designing the living“ in Paris.


Self-healing 3D-printed gel has a future in robots and medicine by 

The hydrogel is soft, yet strong and responsive, and it can be formed in LEGO-like blocks. Read more


The MetaFly drone substitutes rotors for wings by

Drones nowadays are mostly variations of -copters, with differing numbers of propellers to keep them aloft. That’s not the only way to fly through the skies, however, like this biomimetic drone, MetaFly, proves. The MetaFly closer resembles a biological insect while in flight than a helicopter. Read more


Ubisoft launching VR escape rooms in over 100 locations by

Ubisoft is launching Assassin’s Creed-themed virtual reality (VR) escape rooms in over 100 locations across the US and Europe. Read more


Can AI be a fair judge in court ? Estonia thinks so by

Government usually isn’t the place to look for innovation in IT or new technologies like artificial intelligence. But Ott Velsberg might change your mind. Read more


VERTIGO, Encounter « Designing the living », March 30, 2019

The exposition “Designing the Living” (La fabrique du vivant) looks back at the archeology of the living and artificial life and presents the most important creations and innovations in the domains of art, design, architecture, and music with works by 50 creatives. The exhibit’s material evolves; certain works call upon processes of growth or degeneration. A hundred projects are shown, several of which were imagined especially for the occasion. Read more